2010 Topps Baseball Update Series

I got one of those packages with 4 packs of 2010 Topps Baseball Updated Series and a Topps Million Card giveaway code. I am trying to wind down my TCMG collection and deciding what cards to have sent to me but I guess one hopefully two more codes can’t hurt.

Of the packs I got a couple of decent rookie cards

a couple of inserts

and most importantly two Kong Chih Kuo cards for my PC.

Is it just me or does it seem like Topps barely cares about serial numbers anymore?

Oh I did pull one more TCMG code so that makes it two codes in total.

With those codes I got…

Oh wells…



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2 responses to “2010 Topps Baseball Update Series

  1. I noticed the serial numbering change for Topps Update. I guess it’s cheaper to do it this way than the gold metallic ink they used to use, but maybe it’s time to retire the serial numbered parallels if they can’t go to that effort.

  2. Exactly. If Topps barely cares to stamped the serial number, they should just do away with it. The way they print it looks really cheap and an afterthought.

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