Stand Out Autos: Nolan Ryan Signed Photo

I got this Nolan Ryan signed mini- photo? postcard? in my local card shop the other day. I almost missed it in the showcase but it caught my eye as I was walking out. The lets say photo was a just a bit bigger than a regular baseball card and the back is blank. I asked a little about it. They said it what you get when you send for a Nolan Ryan TTM autograph. The auto doesn’t look fake and it is definitely not autopen as the other postcards in display all have slightly different signatures (like size, positioning etc). There is at least one for sale on eBay.

Nolan Ryan’s autograph is a beauty and one I wanted for some time. I paid $15 for it. Did I get a good buy? Does anyone know anything else about it.


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  1. I don’t know if you got a good buy, but I remember getting one of these autographed pictures in the mail when I was a kid. I thought it was the most valuable item in my entire collection. I’m now 30 and just dusted off my card collection to reassess if I want to keep storing them. I rediscovered this autograph and realized how much excitement it brought me when I was a young collector. Monetary value might be lacking, but this piece brought back some fond nostalgia and strong hit of my childhood. Perhaps this will be something I hang on to.

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