Super Cool Art Exhibit Canstruction + A Little Giveaway

I hope everyone is having an awesome Thanksgiving! I am having I guess you can say a little Thanksgiving giveaway in my other blog Inasectv and everyone is welcomed to enter. Details here. But basically you just have to tweet/ retweet about the contest with the link to the blog post You can win a lot of Kayo Boxing cards and a chance at a Lyoto Machida mat card!!

Anyways I don’t think there is a better time to post my Canstruction pictures than today. It is an awesome art exhibit where everything is built out of you guess it cans! I think there is an exhibit/ contest throughout the country and what is really cool about Canstruction is all the cans would be donated to charity for Thanksgiving. Here are some of my favorite from the NYC competition.

Ants and an Apple




Mr. Potato Head!!

Tomato Tornado

Train (Not the Band)


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