Random Pack Break: 2007 Topps Chrome

I opened one of those repacks that promised 8 sealed packs and of course most of them are 80’s junk. Three packs were from the last five years but there is really only one pack of note and that pack is 2007 Topps Chrome.

Not bad. Out of the four cards I got two refractors and they are of Greg Maddux and Mickey Mantle which again ain’t too shabby. The Mickey Mantle card is serialed 182/200 and looking at the wrapper it seems to be a tough pull. Mantle HR History Refractors run at 1:71.

I got to remind myself not to buy any more crappy repacks…

Oh and I took another look today at the $.50 comic book discount bin in Midtown comics during my lunch break to see if there is any more gems. It definitely has been cleaned out of the better stuff but I did get one more autographed comic and one more bronze age comic book. Again they are $.50 and they are still steals!

The auto is of Bill Tucci aka Billy Tucci aka William Tucci, who is best known for his Shi character and has written stories for just about every major comic book company.

If you are curious, the bronze age comic is Mister Miracle #21 which came out originally in 1977. It isn’t in great shape but it would definitely serve well as a reading copy. Yes Mister Miracle is once again put into yet another inescapable trap in a life or death situation. He is one of my favorite characters and it should be a fun read.


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