Quick Predictions: UFC 124 St Pierre vs Koscheck

I am taking a short hiatus on my other blog Inasectv and I am not one to let good blog posts go to waste so I am posting some of it here. Anyways UFC 124 is headlined by the ever so popular GSP so it should be a good one. I hope it breaks the trend of UFC fighters going to decisions but I doubt it.

Georges St-Pierre vs Josh Koscheck
GSP by Judges’ Decision
Do I really have to explain why GSP would totally dominate Koscheck in a rematch? GSP can take down and out wrestle just about anyone. Whether or not he finishes is another story.

Sean McCorkle vs Stefan Struve
Stefan Struve by Submission in the Second
I like Sean McCorkle, as he is quite the character and I read a crazy rumor that the UFC is very high on him thinking he is a future champion. I am not nearly as confident. Sure he destroyed Mark Hunt but look at Hunt’s record. Other than that I don’t recognize any of his other opponents. Struve is only 22 but between the two, he feels like the seasoned veteran here with 24 pro bouts already. Struve should be able to pull out a victory no matter where the fight goes. Perhaps he wins win his slick triangle choke again?

Jim Miller vs Charles Oliveira
Charles Oliveira by Submission in the Second
I admit I wasn’t familiar with the name Charles Oliveira before the Efrain Escudero fight but after I am firmly in his bandwagon. Still Jim Miller is a very tough matchup. He has only lost twice, once to Frankie Edgar the champion and once to Gray Maynard the number one contender. If Oliverira wins this, he is immediately propelled to the top of the now crowded UFC Lightweight division. Fingers crossed that he can pulled off a submission.

Joe Stevenson vs Mac Danzig
Joe Stevenson by Judges’ Decision
It has been tough times for both fighters. Joe Daddy Stevenson lost a big fight to George Sotiropoulos and Mac Danzig always seems to be flirting with being released from the UFC. Looking at their past fights and looking at the records, it is really a no brainer that Stevenson should be the better fighter and should be the favorite.

Thiago Alves vs John Howard
Thiago Alves by Knockout in the Third
I am a huge fan of John Doomsday Howard but wow Thiago Pitbull Alves after losing to Jake Ellenberger? It is going to be quite a uphill battle. If you factor out the elite wrestlers in the Welterweight division like say GSP and Fitch (which seems to be his silver bullet), Alves would be one of the top if not the top fighter. But Alves did lose to them and this fight should be the start of his comeback. Still I just don’t know if Alves can be a serious contender anymore as long as GSP is the champion.

Since this is a collectibles blog, I have to leave you guys (and gals) with my favorite GSP card and my favorite Josh Koscheck card (which my brother now owns) of all time.


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