My End of the Year MMA Awards

I may be a bit late to the game but I thought to jump into the bandwagon with my End of the Year MMA Awards!! Let’s see…

Fighter of the Year
Jose Aldo
No one was as dominant as Jose Aldo this year, destroying WEC poster boy Urijah Faber and Manvel Gamburyan. Plus it doesn’t hurt that is is now a UFC champion. It is just kind of sucks that is out of the UFC 125 card due to injury.

Women Fighter of the Year
Cris Cyborg Santos
Since Megumi Fujii and Sarah Kaufman both loss this year, the choice is pretty clear. Cyborg Santos looked invincible in her two title defense this year

Fight Card of the Year
Strikeforce: Henderson vs Babalu II
I may have chose this because it was the freshest on my mind but you can’t argue with four specular TKO’s/KO’s. It certainly doesn’t hurt that Strikeforce’s best event in recent memory comes against a live UFC card airing at the same time. Honorable mention goes to WEC 48 and WEC 51 both which had everything a MMA fan could ask for.

Worst Card of the Year

UFC 119
This card had the most boring main event ever. It doesn’t help that all rest of the main card all ended in decision and one decision Sherk/ Dunham was controversial to boot.

Fight of the Year
Chan Sung Jung vs Leonard Garcia
They were a couple of instant classics like the Fedor/ Werdum and the Sonnen/ Silva fight but I really believe a couple years down the road this would be the most memorable fight in 2010. I probably put WEC on the map for many casual fan and perhaps it fanned all the WEC/ UFC merger talks further.

Knockout of the Year
George Roop vs Chan Sung Jung
You probably can figure out that I am a huge WEC fan by now but this was a sick head kick knockout on someone who was known to have a good chin. Other KO’s I really considered were Paul Daley’s KO against Scott Smith, Shogun Rua’s against Machida, Rich Franklin’s against The Iceman Chuck Liddell and Mike Russow’s Hail Mary KO against Todd Duffee.

Submission of the Year
Werdum’s Triangle Choke/ Arm Bar combo against Fedor
The only other contender is probably Anderson Silva’s triangle choke but Werdum’s submission is that much more impressive since it was against one of the greatest fighters in history while Chael Sonnen is known to have a shoddy submission defense.

MMA Organization of the Year
Everyone is going to say UFC but I really think the UFC took a step back for the most part this year. There were way too many events and the quality suffered. Merging with the WEC may help. Bellator though continues to have great fights, memorable moments and quickly cement themselves as the third biggest MMA organization in the US. Now they got a better TV deal with MTV2 they can really make waves in 2011.

Worst MMA Organization of the Year
Shine Fights
You got the whole Ricardo Mayorga vs Din Thomas debacle and the fact they can’t get sanctioned by any reputable athletic commissions so is there any doubt that Shine Fights is worst MMA Organization of the Year? Then again they did sign Efrain Escudero.

The Biggest Jaw Dropping Moment of the Year
Fedor tapping to Werdum’s triangle choke
I still can’t believe Fedor lost that bad, that quickly.

Upset of the Year
Fedor vs Werdum

Robbery of the Year
Leonard Garcia vs Nam Phan
I don’t know what the solution is but someone has to do something about the awful MMA judging as of late. I watched this fight 3 or 4 times and there is no way Leonard Garcia won.



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3 responses to “My End of the Year MMA Awards

  1. the sewingmachineguy

    Sonnen v. Silva was a classic.

  2. Yep if Anderson Silva loses in his next fight or two, people will point to Sonnen/ Silva as his turning point. But wow I never thought Sonnen of all people would be the one to expose Silva.

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