Quick Predictions: UFC 125 Resolution

UFC 125’s card has taken quite a hit starting from one of the most exciting cards in recent memory to one of the most average. Let’s be honest. Edgar vs Maynard is not going to be a slugfest and there aren’t really any other stars on the card. But more often than not Leben, Guida and Gomi have face paced entertaining fights so we’ll see I guess. Also I think it is a good time to crack up my vault and see what MMA autographs I have collecting dust to show ya.

Frankie Edgar vs Gray Maynard
Gray Maynard by Judges’ Decision
I really like Edgar. You got to give him props for beating BJ Penn (one of the greatest Lightweights in MMA history) not once but twice but I have a bad feeling that Gray Maynard can lay and pray his way to the title. I respect the wrestlers but I really hope I am wrong because I can’t stand Maynard being the UFC Lightweight champion and I am sure I am not the only one. Could you believe I was upset I pulled the Frankie Edgar autograph? But that was before the BJ Penn fights.

Chris Leben vs Brian Stann
Chris Leben by Knockout in the Second
Leben is right in that Brian Stann is a step down from competition for him. The bottom line is this is a fight he has to win (which would give him four straight wins BTW). Brian Stann may have a great story but he is destined for mid card and undercard fights.

Brandon Vera vs Thiago Silva
Thiago Silva by Knockout in the Third
Remember when Brandon Vera was the next big thing?? Boy he has fallen on hard times. He comes into this fight with two straight losses so this is a must win for him and I don’t think he can. Thiago Silva is a beast with his only two losses coming from Rashad Evans and Lyoto Machida, two of the top Light Heavyweights in the division, and Vera should be his stepping stone. Fun Fact: The Brandon Vera autograph below is the first MMA auto I pulled.

Nate Diaz vs Dong Hyun Kim
Dong Hyun Kim by Judges’ Decision
This is a tough fight to pick. Kim has a really impressive 13-0-1-1 record but Nate Diaz is always game and may in fact be his toughest opponent to date. Diaz has been a little inconsistent in the past so I am going with the Stun Gun.

Clay Guida vs Takanori Gomi
Takanori Gomi by Judges’ Decision
I am a HUGE fan of Guida and I am always rooting for him to win but to be honest he is a gatekeeper in the division and Gomi should beat him. This fight has Fight of the Night potential and it should be an awesome way to kick open the event. By the way, the Clay Guida autograph is serialed /25 which is probably my lowest numbered MMA autograph I own.

Going on a tangent, does anyone know of MMA fighter whose autograph isn’t just a scribble?


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