Random Pack Break: 2010-11 Rookies & Stars

I’m about to head out for a little trip to Las Vegas!! But I wanted to have just one more break before I go so I had the choice between two hobby packs of Panini Prestige or two hobby packs of Rookies and Stars. I chose Rookies and Stars.

Pack 1

Quite a Laker- centric pack and is it just or Andrew Bynum isn’t really the first name that comes in mind when you think of sharp shooters.

Pack 2

I didn’t really get anything of note. The only cards I really wanted or needed is Yao Ming. It just sucks that Yao Ming is struggling so much with injuries. It really looks like he is going to retire soon.

Anyways, Rookies and Stars is pretty the same as last years which is both a good and bad thing. I still like the gritty look (for the lack of the better term) but still you would like variations between the years. Also the inserts are such teases. They are meaningless without the autographs or jersey swatches. I bought a couple of packs already and in the end, it is not the worst basketball product out there but certainly not the best.


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