My Haul from Las Vegas

I did a ton of shopping in Las Vegas and you know I couldn’t leave without some collectibles.

Of the collectibles stores on the Strip, two stood out since the Gallery of Legends just closed up shop, Antiquities and Fields of Dreams (which actually had a couple of locations in Las Vegas). Antiquities had an insane collection of autographs ranging anyone from the Beatles to Abraham Lincoln. The cheapest autograph was probably $1,000 and most range way above that but they were real nice pieces (eg John Lennon auto and sketch). I could only wish I can build a collection to rival theirs. As for the Fields of Dreams, I am sure most of you know their items tend to be a little over priced (ok probably closer to way over priced) but their were running a little 50% sale and I picked up this Ric Flair autograph for $40 which I thought was a good deal.

His autographs used to be real hard to get but since he signed with TNA he has be signing a bit more but still sweet nonetheless.

I also got two packs of Domos, hoping to score a rare one, but I am left with two of the more common ones but it is still awesome anyways.

Here are the odds if your curious. I wonder what the ultra rare mystery Domo looks like.

Finally I just had to visit the famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop aka the Pawn Stars Shop.

Unfortunately the stars from the show weren’t on the showroom floor at the time and the only person I recognize was the security guard near the front door. Also almost as soon as I entered the shop they were clearing it out to film. I still took a quick look around. The shop was tiny and crowded. Plus a good portion was now hawking items like t-shirts for the tourists (but it looks like there are expanding). Still they had a few cool pieces like a bunch of Super Bowl rings and a boxing championship belt. I was watching a ton of Pawn Stars episode on the plane and it was the perfect way to end the trip.


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