Trading Christina Hendricks for Ike Davis and Whole Lot More

I just completed a massive trade with one of my readers, Zhao and the meat of the trade is my Christina Hendricks Razor autograph for a Ike Davis signed mini helmet which I made a little display around.

Yes the display is a bit slanted (it is actually not as dramatic as the photo would indicate) because the only thing that would fit the mini helmet was a Beanie Baby display but it is still pretty sweet and it sitting right by my bed.

I am a perfectionist so I probably would be looking for another case. Anyways I also traded a Kelly Kelly, Ivan Nova and Jonathan Albaladejo autograph for a ton of cards I needed for my PCs. Most of them are rookie, parallels and serialed cards including a bunch of 2006 WBC cards I was looking for.

There were really a lot more awesome cards but I’m too lazy to scan them all. I think in the end I only had like three cards already.

So thanks again! Fingers crossed for Ike Davis having a great season this year.


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