Yet More Topps Million Card Giveaway Cards Shipped

So I did a bunch of wheeling and dealing on the TMCG website and I thought I reached a point where I can get the rest of the cards shipped to me. Honestly, most of the cards probably aren’t worth the shipping and handling but it is like the cost of two packs so what the hell, right?

The 1957 Walt Moryn is now the oldest card I own and the 1968 Bubba Morton is really the only other vintage card of the lot. Most of the other cards are Mets cards from the 70’s. I am really digging the 1975 design with its bright colors. I just wish I could have traded for more. Oh wells. Finally the Billy Wagner card is quite the quirky card and I had to have it.

The rest of the cards are common cards I needed for my PC (mostly Japanese baseball players) and I official have no cards left in my TCMG portfolio way before the March deadline. Sweet!



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3 responses to “Yet More Topps Million Card Giveaway Cards Shipped

  1. GCA

    I’ve got a bunch that I’ll have shipped. Most are upgrades to my ’79 set. Yours look pretty decent, though not pristine mint.
    How has the condition been for other people? Anybody say they got ones with beat corners or creases?

  2. I have heard about some horror stories about the condition of TCMG cards. I can’t find the link right now but from memory some cards had huge noticeable creases, missing corners, round corners etc etc. Basically the cards were at the lowest level of the condition scale.

  3. Carl Dunning

    Finally received my cards today. What a total rip-off! Spent $20 on shipping to receive a batch of cards that are nearly worthless. My 58 Bolling looks like someone walked a mile with it taped to the bottom of their shoe. Every 1972 or older card has massive damage. Not a decent corner on any card in the bunch! Corners missing. Paper tears. Huge creases. Scuffed fronts. Cards so miscut their isn’t even a border. To say they are in POOR condition would be to overrate them! Even a totally common 1989 Ozzie Smith has the white paper torn off one corner. Topps should be ashamed.

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