Stand Out Autos: MMA Fighter Roxanne Modafferi

Since Genki Sudo has long retired from MMA, Roxanne Modafferi is by far my favorite fighter. She had some classic fights in 2010 including one against Tara LaRosa who was at one point was the top pound for pound female fighter and one against Sara Kaufman who unfortunately knocked out Modafferi via a vicious slam that was even on the Sportcenter Top 10 plays. But the real reasons she is one of the most popular female fighters right now are how approachable she is to her fans, her genuine love & respect for the sport and of course her infectious optimism. She is like on every social network out there (Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Youtube, etc) and plus she runs a chatroom open to anyone every once in while. Also her blog is a great glimpse into the everyday life of a MMA fighter and of an American living in Japan. All are worth the read.

Anyways, Roxanne Modafferi was running The Happy Warrior Cheer contest so I wrote a little poem/ cheer during one of my morning commutes and to my surprise I won!! If you are curious, here is my winning poem.

Crazy Secret New Technique

With a smile and her trademark fan in hand,
she enters the arena,
firing up the already boisterous stands,
Eager to show the world her crazy secret new technique,
it is the Happy Warrior, Roxanne!!

Is it a new submission, a cyclone punch or some variation?
She has something up her sleeve for every occasion!!
As the fans’ anticipation oozes
and whether she wins or loses,
we are all cheering on the Happy Warrior, Roxanne!!

Roxanne Modafferi is an auto I wanted to add to my collection for a long, long time. She has an auto in the 2010 Leaf MMA set but that card is quite elusive so all in all I haven’t been this psyched for an auto in years!!



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2 responses to “Stand Out Autos: MMA Fighter Roxanne Modafferi

  1. Yay I’m so glad you got it and like it 😀

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