My First Packs of 2011 Topps Baseball

I am a bit behind other bloggers but I finally got my hands on some 2011 Topps Baseball, four hobby packs to be exact.

I am going to build the Mets team set like last year and the Kurt Suzuki card is going to my PC.

A bunch of inserts I pulled. I am already sick and tired of Stephen Strasberg.

Woooo shiny….

And the madness begins again.

The Diamond gimmick/ 60th anniversary seems to be decent gimmick for Topps this year. Collectors love shiny cards and the diamond anniversary parallels are definitely shiny. I know a lot of people are trying to build the set and I’m not so all my diamond parallels are for trade as I pull them. Finally I don’t really know what to think about the base design this year but it always takes awhile for it to sink in. I like simple designs but my first thoughts were they are a little boring. What do you guys think?

Oh don’t forget to save those wrappers as wrapper redemptions are all the rage these days.



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5 responses to “My First Packs of 2011 Topps Baseball

  1. I’d be up for trading for any of the shiny cards you don’t want! Shoot me an email if interested.

  2. I am going to try to accumulate a couple diamond parallels first and then work some trades out but I’ll make a note that you are looking for them.

  3. IndianaReds68

    Hello. Former collector here who got back into it last year after, well, a few decades away. I have to admit, I really love the 2011 cards. For one, I love the team logos – but I also think the overall design is simple yet sophisticated.

    Just curious, I’ll be buying packs here and there or probably a hobby box in a few days. What’s the best way to go about “networking” with fellow collectors in order to find people to trade with? Any ideas are appreciated.

    I last traded baseball cards on the bus ride to school so this is all new to me again.


  4. I can’t believe the number of Strasburg cards in the set when Topps knew he wouldn’t set foot on a major league playing field in 2011.

    I’m happy to have new baseball cards, but I don’t think this year’s set is going to be one I remember fondly in years to come.

  5. @IndianaReds68 There are collecting forums with a bunch of trading going on but I usually stick with the bloggers. You can find most of them here They are awesome and I never had a problem trading with them.

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