Pics and Scans from the Strikeforce Fan Experience New York

A lot more people went to the Strikeforce Fan Experience New York than I thought they would/ could draw. I guess this is the power of Fedor. Good for them. I had a great time and super pumped about the fights this Saturday (I will have my predictions up on the blog Friday) but my only gripe was that the autographs signings was just chaotic as there was a mob instead of lines. It doesn’t help that you can only get the auto of one fighter and no one knew what was going on. You can’t see over the crowd to see where your favorite fighter was sitting. But the crowd was patient for the most part and I lucked out and got the autograph about my favorite fighter so I can’t complain too much. You can probably better pics elsewhere but…

MMA Legend Frank Shamrock. To his right was the MC who was kind of annoying and DJ Clue is on the far right.

Brett Rogers in the Clinch. It was cool that he had an open workout.

Fabricio Werdum who had an entertaining BJJ lesson and he won over the crowd by the end of the event I say.

Alistair Overeem getting interviewed. Josh Barnett is on the far right.

The Grand Prix Heavyweights. How often do you see a collection of elite fighters like that in one place?

Alistair Overeem signing autographs.

And finally a scan of my awesome Alistair Overeem autograph

Fedor left early during the autograph signing and I know most wanted his autograph but honestly I actually wanted Overeem’s autograph a bit more. In fact, he is my pick to win the Grand Prix so fingers crossed.

By the way, I also went to a Michael Oher (you know the guy from The Blind Side) book signing today and I will have pics and scans from that event this week so look out for that.


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