A Couple of Pics from the Strikeforce World Grand Prix Event

Strikeforce: Fedor vs Silva in the Izod Center this Saturday was an awesome action packed event with 9 out of the 10 fights ending in a finish and most in the first round. In fact the only fight that went to decision was also the only fight that wasn’t televised. You just don’t see that in a UFC event. It was also a sad event as the once invincible Fedor had his face smashed in by Bigfoot Silva and to lesser event the once great Andrei Arlovski was viciously knocked out by the very dangerous Sergei Kharitonov. Fedor and Arlovski were clearly the fan favorites and it kind of felt like a funeral after the fights. It marks the end of the old school MMA era with so many legends falling as of late. Anyways, here is a couple of pics from my camera.

Here is my view and yea my seats kind of sucked but at least I can say I didn’t get the worst seats in the house.

The 8 Strikeforce Grand Prix fighters in the opening ceremony.

Shane del Rosario and Lavar Johnson in the clinch. del Rosario pulled out a sweet armbar and cemented his status as Strikeforce’s best Heavyweight prospect.

Andrei Arlovski’s entrance. He was actually out of frame, waiting to be check by the ref.

The Bigfoot Silva and Fedor faceoff before the fight.

Bigfoot Silva and Fedor squaring off to start the fight. Bigfoot shocked the world and threatened with several submissions and ground and pounded Fedor for the doctor stoppage. Fedor afterward said he may be retiring so this may be his last MMA fight ever again which is ver sad.

All in all my pick of Alistair Overeem winning the Grand Prix is looking better everyday. For the record, I predict that Josh Barnett would easily beat Brett Rogers and not so easily beat Sergei Kharitonov for a Overeem/ Kharitonov final.


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