Pics and Scans from the Michael Oher Book Signing

I am not the biggest football fan in the world. In fact, I probably only watch the games during the playoffs. Thus I don’t really have the greatest football collection in the world (but stuff I have for trade can be found here). Still I really wanted a Michael Oher autograph for awhile now and yes it is because of the movie The Blind Side. I guess I am a real sucker for stories about overcoming the odds and for those who celebrate the good in humanity.

I actually wasn’t planning on going to the book signing but my boss was running late that day and basically I was locked out of the office. Luckily I remembered about the book signing which around the same time and same area. Everything worked out beautifully. The lesson here is that it pays off to constantly look up signings around your area.

The book by the way is a great read. I finished it the night I bought it (I am a fast reader). It is quite the eye opening experience on the life of foster child and to lesser extent, life of child in the ghetto. I am not going to go too much in detail but the book is equal parts heart breaking and inspirational and I would recommend the book to anyone.

For the record, I have not read The Blind Side book or the Tuohy’s book In a Heartbeat but I may pick it up when I get the chance. Maybe I should get it for my new Kindle…


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