2011 Topps Baseball Rack Packs

I read on someone’s blog that the 2011 rack packs are a better buy than blaster boxes especially if you’re not into the Topps Town cards and the manufactured patches. So I decided to start off with two racks packs instead of the blaster which I buy like every year.

With just a couple of packs of 2011 Topps Baseball I bought so far I almost completed the Mets team set. Sweet!

I am never too big on the inserts but here are the best of the lot. The Tom Seaver card is going into my PC.

Two rack packs equal two more diamond parallels and two more Kimball Champions. For the record like a couple another bloggers, I think the inclusion of Kimball Champions in this product is kind of pointless but I just can’t resist minis.

With some time for it sink it, I like not love 2011 Topps Baseball. It is certainly not the most innovative product it the world. All the inserts have been done before. The parallels have been kind of done before. The Giveaway is done before etc etc. Still the bottom line is I have been craving to buy more and more packs especially for the Giveaway codes since it came out and that is the point for Topps, right? Compare to what Panini is producing for basketball I am way more excited about Topps releases in the coming months.



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2 responses to “2011 Topps Baseball Rack Packs

  1. I have something to say about almost all of these cards. Let us begin:
    1. Shin-Soo Choo base – How did Topps manage to get a shot with only grass in the background? Very nice picture.
    2. Lucas Duda base – Every time I see this card, I want to burst into a loud rendition of “Camptown Races”
    3. Dillon Gee base – Aww, gee paw, look at this! I got my own baseball card!
    4. Freddie Freeman base – Another nice shot, with a half of an umpire in the background.
    5. Stephen Strasburg base -I am so sick of Stras-mania!
    6. Gil Meche base – After leaving $12 million on the table, Meche is now one of my favorite players. Cliff Lee, he’s not.
    7. Lovin’ Papelbon’s leg kick!
    8. I love gold Cubs!
    9. Reggie looks so young!
    10. Lastly, a question: Are any of your Toppstown cards bowed, kinda like Chrome last year?

  2. I don’t think my Toppstown cards are bowed like Chrome but I have to double check.

    And yea I am sick of Stras-mania but lucky most people have moved on (of course until he comes back) and I also have a lot more respect for Gil Meche. He could have easily half assed a comeback for $12 million.

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