Random Pack Break: Bowman Chrome & Bowman Platinum

I decided to do a little prospecting so I bought a bunch of Bowman packs (Bowman is still synonymous with prospects right?) I have one of those Bowman Chrome value pack which has 3 packs and 3 refractors for $8.99 and I also have a pack of Bowman Platinum just for kicks. Let’s see.

From the Bowman Chrome packs, the cards I pulled are

and the X- fractors are

I can’t believe that Bowman Chrome packs only has 3 cards per pack. They are regularly $3 a pack so that makes it a buck a card which is kind of ridiculous but I bought it and I am sure a bunch of people bought it anyways, so who knows?

The X-fractors are real shiny and kind of ugly if you ask me. I honestly don’t know too much about prospects but I am going to store in my box and maybe in a couple of years I have a card of the next best thing. The only card I need right off the bat the Kurt Suzuki card for my PC.

The Bowman Platinum pack

I just bought a pack to see how they look. They are nothing too groundbreaking but the cards do look nice. I got lucky and pulled sort sort of parallel of Brian Matusz 766/999 but my favorite is definitely Jose Reyes. I just wish he can get his swagger back.



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2 responses to “Random Pack Break: Bowman Chrome & Bowman Platinum

  1. Nathan

    It’s cool to see another Suzuki fan, do you collect other A’s or just Suzuki?

  2. I actually collect Asian baseball and basketball players in general as my PC.

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