Upper Deck World of Sports Box Break: Pull of a Lifetime!!!

When you hear words like sticker dump and non- license associated with UD World of Sports, most collectors would be wary of such a product. But curiosity got the best of me and in fact I may be the only blogger to have bought a box and lucky I did (cue the foreshadow!!).

The World of Sports is a whole hodgepodge of athletes ranging from lacrosse, to figure skating to basketball to of course MMA. I honestly don’t know maybe 70% of the people on the checklist and it would really suck if I pulled a bunch of no name prospects or a bunch of lacrosse guys. Basically, it is a coin flip to get something you want. Also I think this type of product might work better during the Olympics where a huge array of sports are being showcased but hey that is just me.

Here is some of people I actually recognize

and here is a bunch of base to show you the range of the sports represented.

Each box is guaranteed 2 autographs, 1 memorabilia card and 1 Clear Competitors card but from the box breaks I seen, more hits seem to be the norm. My hits kind of sucked up until second to the last pack (again cue the foreshadow).

Stanley Robinson Autograph. Robinson to my knowledge has not play a single NBA game yet.

Mat Hoffman Autograph. No idea who he is but my friend said he a pretty big deal in the extreme sports world.

Russell Westbrook Mem Card. There are a ton so lacrosse mem cards and I am so glad I didn’t pull one.

Jim Boeheim Clear Competitor 286/550

and with the second to last pack of the box I pulled a freakin’ LeBron James and Michael Jordan dual autograph!!!! Like OMG!!!

I am literally still jumping up and down as I write this (making it kind of hard to type). I was going to write a full review but all I can think of is the LeBron James and Michael Jordan dual autograph!!!!

(BTW the Ray in this post on the Blowout Cards Forums is me!)

Oh, one thing before I go. Don’t forget to send in the box tops to Upper Deck for a chance at a Michael Jordan & Tiger Woods dual autograph. Wouldn’t be insane if I won that too!!! Also I have been saving the wrappers just in case Upper Deck decides to do a wrapper redemption. I have been burned way too many times in the past. Actually I going to make it common practice to just save all my wrappers for a year or so just in case.



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19 responses to “Upper Deck World of Sports Box Break: Pull of a Lifetime!!!

  1. Jason

    Nice pull. “Duel” is spelled “Dual” unless you want to battle then it is spelled duel.

  2. Wow yea I keep making the same “duel” / “dual” mistake over and over again. Fixed I think.

  3. Congrats seems like such a weak way to celebrate that hit but its all I got.

    Glad to see something REALLY nice come out of that product. Of course, this means I will DEFINITELY not be buying any now that you have pulled what is probably the best card available in packs from this release.

    WTG and to quote Charlie, “Winner!!”.

  4. garrick

    wow…looks like a bunch of garbage and one very nice hit, that jordan & james dual is the only nice card ive seen yet come out of this product and that includes youtube, ebay this site and people i know busting this…i almost was going to get some boxes of this but after i saw what was coming out of it i did the odds of pulling something decent. 1 in 8 billion packs…mad props to the lucky dude who pulled the dual.

  5. bahdankadank

    I have seen a ton of insane autos out of this product which is probably why I am having trouble tracking down boxes recently. Congrats.

  6. Glad to see Lebron actually made an attempt to sign his name, not his jersey number.

  7. that’s an awesome pull

  8. Awesome pull! That sure beats my Ed Wang!

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  10. Kevin

    Wow man, awesome. That’s the kind fo card UD uses as part of a sets marketing, pull of a lifetime.

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  12. Gerardo

    I bought a box of Upper Deck World of Sports at Target and got no autograph, jersey memorabilia, or clear competitor from my $20.00 box. What can I do ? Can someone help me ? I got nothing but base and no hit. I was better off getting my 1st choice of Topps Prime Football. Least I could have pulled a 1st-4th Quarter Prime or a decent rookie card. 😦

    • This seems to be a common problem but unfortunately you can’t really do anything. Even though the odds are 1:10 UD never guaranteed a hit in each blaster. Those are the odds for the whole print run so what is happening is many people are not getting autos while others are pulling two autos in a blaster. That is the nature of the beast.

  13. Sas

    great pull. I only bought one box and too my surpise I pulled the Tiger Woods#302 autographed. I believe the short print is only 5….Wish this was a normal occurence….haha

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  16. it’s been a pleasure reading this blog. it’s great to see that someone else enjoys unwrapping Target repacks as much as I do. Your enthusiasm about Allen and Ginter is contagious… I need to get a hold of some of those.
    Yesterday I pulled a beautiful 2013 Topps commemorative ring card of Babe Ruth. It’s not an actual ring worn by the Babe but it’s a sweet card nonetheless. 3D and everything. Also pretty excited about a Topps Chrome Zack Wheeler refractor rookie card. I hope he has a great career. But enough about me.

    You have a great collection. I especially dig some of the more obscure stuff. For instance, I’m not a big John McCain fan, but that McCain card is awesome. I also really like that ‘Apache’ (Martial Mastery) card, the Michael Phelps card, and the swatch card of that African American pilot. Really cool stuff. It’s great to read about other people who love collecting cards. Thanks for this awesome blog.

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