2010 Topps UFC Knockout

I have bought at least of a box of all the MMA cards out there (and even some products like Donruss Americana, Prominent Cuts and UD World of Sports that have some MMA in the checklist) but the latest Topps product UFC Knockout was a bit outside buy price range and I am not sure it is worth it. Lucky for me my card shop were selling lots of base and parallels for a buck a pop. Now that I can afford!

For three bucks, this is how many cards I got. Not too shabby, I think!

The base set has 150 cards and it would be a very tough set to build since you get so little base cards per pack. Even with that huge pile I am not close at all (67/150 counting parallels). I took a quick look at eBay and a complete set would cost you about $75 and up. Pretty deep if you ask me.

Here is a bunch of base. I got a couple of Asian fighters that would go in my PC.

And here is a bunch of parallels. The parallels and the base are sometimes hard to tell apart. The only difference is the background color (and of course the serial number). The black parallels (/188) look almost the same as the gray in the base cards. The gold ones (/288) are a bit easier sort out.

You have to take my little review with a grain of salt since I am only going with the lot of cards I got above and the box breaks I seen on the YouTube and various forums. But the UFC Knockout base cards and parallels design looks a bit plain to me. In fact, I prefer the design of 2010 Topps UFC which happens to be at a third of the price. But the action shots are top notch as usual. Of course the autographs and relics cards are the real stars of the products and I have seen some great stuff especially the Triple Threads relic cards but I have also seen a ton of plain mat cards so a case or even a box is a bit risky unless the price drops significantly.


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