Street Art in New York City and My New Flickr Page

As may have deduced from my Roy Lichtenstein Whaam banner that I had on this blog since the very beginning, I am a fan (is that the right word?) of art in addition to collecting. In particular, I have been intrigued by the street art scene. Everyone’s definition of street art is slightly different but I define street art as any art on the street that is not graffiti and in fact, it is sometimes refer as post-graffiti. It is interesting because street art is always in the state of flux and most of time you don’t notice it unless you are in tune with your urban surroundings if that makes any sense. Basically if you blink you missed it and you can’t turn back time.

Nick Walker's Morning After Series

Anyways, instead of starting a new blog dedicated to the all the cool art in the streets of New York City, I decided to finally get a Flickr account. So with that in mind, I have four of my favorite street artists as a way to plug my Flickr photostream. Oh one more thing check out Exit Through the Gift Shop, a Banksy documentary. It should have won the Best Documentary this year, not that I am biased or anything but most of my favorite street artists are featured in it.

I can’t find any of Banksy‘s pieces in New York anymore. They either have been “cleaned” or tagged but I do own Banksy’s infamous Paris Hilton CD (the CD cover is definitely NSFW but you can google it) and a business card for Banksy’s Village Petstore And Charcoal Grill art exhibit which I went to back in 2008 but unfortunately don’t have any pics of it.

Kind of related, I also stumbled upon this really cool recreation of Banksy’s Balloon Girl made with yarn just a few blocks from where I live. It may or may not be an Olek piece. I would have never noticed this piece but luckily my friend has a sharp eye for these things.

Mr. Brainwash is the primary subject of Exit Through the Gift Shop and some of his pieces can be found on L’asso Pizza’s storefront but unfortunately it has kind of been painted over. Life is Beautiful and Leonard Nimoy are some of his signature pieces.

Invader is probably my favorite street artist. He typically uses mosaic or Rubik’s cubes to recreate either Space Invaders or Pac Man characters. When he goes to a new city, it is called an invasion and what is super cool about it is if you plot his art on the map and connect the dots it would forms another Space Invader. Unfortunately a lot people like stealing it so not many of them remain in NYC. I went on a little walking tour trying to find some Invaders and I thought I came back empty but when I check my photos sure enough there is a Invader that I didn’t know about.

Where an Invader used to be

There is a famous mural in Houston and Bowery is always showcases street art and my favorite was Shepard Fairey‘s but like so many on this list that piece kept getting vandalize and it is now Kenny Scharf.

Again check out my Street Art in NYC photostream. I would continue to add to it as I discover new awesome pieces around the city. Oh before I go, for anyone who thinks street artists are a bunch of vandals, hoodlums etc you can tell them about this story of a 10 year old girl and her sisters who were inspired by Banksy and Exit Through the Gift Shop to create some of their own street art in their neighborhood. It is a really cool story.


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