Holiday Repack: 20 Random Packs & 2 Game Used

I know I have been burned with repacks in the past but decided to roll the dice just one more time. I have seen these holiday repacks for awhile now but I couldn’t talk myself out of it during my latest trip to K-mart so here we are now. It has 20 random packs and 10 random cards, 2 of which are game used. I got my fingers crossed.

The loose cards are

It is a interesting assortment of the cards but the only loose card of note is this

A Dwight Howard game used jersey card is actually a pretty solid hit, especially for a repack. Anyways, I’m going to save the packs later but this mysterious bonus pack really peaked my interest.

and it is 3 Dick Perez cards (two of which are the same Mickey Mantle card).

I remember seeing them before but I can’t remember which set it is from. I think it is a store exclusive from one of the Topps base sets.

So once again look out for my breaks of the other packs on this blog and my twitter account the next coming weeks. I actually have some quirky packs to bust…



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