Stand Out Autos: MMA legend and Japanese Pop Superstar Genki Sudo

I am sure every collector has that one piece of memorabilia that every time they see it they get super psyched, the cornerstone of the the collection if you will. Well mines is this DVD signed by the legendary Genki Sudo and if you can’t read the inscription is says “We are all one”, his little catchphrase.

It is my favorite piece in my growing collection for a number of reasons.

1 – His crazy MMA entrances and fights

He wasn’t just a fighter, he was an entertainer too which bring me to…

2 – His crazy music videos

I don’t normally like J-pop but his songs are just so catchy. But he is probably better known for his crazy music videos. The one below was filmed in New York (right before the CD release event I suspect). I worked near Times Square and I wished I knew he was filming at the time so I could take a bunch of pictures. Oh wells.

All his video are worth the watch. Some of my other of favorites are Machine Civilization (the tutting is amazing) and Boy Meets Girls (it is hilarious). Just type “Genki Sudo World Order” on the Youtube search bar to find them.

3)- I got it in person

Genki Sudo almost never comes to the states and when I saw his poster advertising his CD release event in a Japanese bookstore also near where I work I knew I had to go. I pulled out all the stops. Sudo speaks a little English but mostly speaks in Japanese so I brought a translator. Sudo may be one of the most philosophical person you ever going to meet and sure enough some of things he said was pretty deep. Anyways I got my story for my other blog and after his performance/ press conference/ CD release event, I got Sudo to sign a copy of his new World Order CD. To me, it was finally meeting my hero in person. He was super nice, asked about my MMA training etc. Oh and my brother taped his intro performance.

4)- It is incredibly rare

Try to look for a Genki Sudo autograph. Google it. You won’t find many especially in the United States and those who have one tend to keep it.

It is inscribed with my name so I doubt anyone other Genki Sudo collector would want it but if anyone did I probably wouldn’t sell it for any price. In fact, I have really been thinking about framing it along with a poster of Genki Sudo. It would look awesome in my room!



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2 responses to “Stand Out Autos: MMA legend and Japanese Pop Superstar Genki Sudo

  1. domo arigato! before today i had never heard of genki sudo… but this guy is awesome. if he was still fighting today, i’d totally be a fan. plus… his music isn’t half bad either… the only problem is that i don’t speak japanese.

    congratulations on grabbing this sweet autograph… hopefully he’s coming to the bay area soon.

  2. This guy really has done everything…Genki Sudos remains as clear as ever WE ARE ALL ONE. .0……………………….Thank goodness for Genki Sudo…………………..

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