Quick Predictions: UFC Fight Night Seattle Nogueira vs Davis

The name the stands out to me on this card is Phil Davis. He may or may not be the second coming of Jon Bones Jones. Bones Jones has innovative striking and Davis has innovative submissions so a future matchup could be very exciting. In fact, some are saying that Mr. Wonderful Phil Davis is the chosen one to challenge Jon Bones Jones at the top. Beating Little Nog would give some credibility to that notion.

Antonio Rogerio Nogueira vs Phil Davis
Phil Davis by Judges’ Decision
From his last two fights against Jason Brilz and Ryan Bader, it seems that little Nog’s weakness is against great wrestlers and Phil Davis is a great wrestler. But despite the Nogueira brothers having the reputation of being BJJers, Little Nog has good boxing are Phil Davis is below average (but improving) so that may be a cause of concern. Still that didn’t play too much of a role in the Brilz and Bader fight. All in all as I said with a win here, Davis may be fast tracked to contendership. By the way am I the only one that remember Little Nog as Roger to easily tell which Nogueira brother (Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and Antonio Rogerio Nogueira) is which?

Have Little Nog's auto & looking for Big Nog

Dan Hardy vs Anthony Johnson
Dan Hardy by Judges’ Decision
Dan Hardy and Anthony Johnson are two solid strikers so this fight could be one of more exciting fights or their skills will cancel out and it becomes the one of more boring fights. It would be interesting to see how aggressive Dan Hardy would be after getting knocked out by Carlos Condit for brawling. Anthony Rumble Johnson has a ton of potential but he really has put it all together and he coming a knee surgery and a long layoff which is never a good thing.

Amir Sadollah vs DaMarques Johnson
Amir Sadollah by Judges’ Decision
This fight can go either way and if I rank the Welterweight division they would be around the same spot (it is no where near the contendership if your curious). I am going with Amir just because I am a fan of his and I can see him hurting Johnson in the clinch.

Leonard Garcia vs Chan Sung Jung
Chan Sung Jung by Judges’ Decision
For the record, I still think that Chan Sung Jung won the first fight but watching it over and over again it was a lot closer than the Nam Phan bout. Anyways for this fight, The Korean Zombie has said he wants to fight a more technical fight. My fingers are crossed but when the cage door closes I feel the game plan would be thrown out the window and they would start slugging it out again. Overall I have The Korean Zombie landing more cleaner strikers but the judges still may give to Leonard Garcia. He has more gift decisions and anyone else in MMA for some unknown reasons.


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