Random Box Break: Rittenhouse Marvel’s Dangerous Divas!

So there is like a massive winter storm in NYC right now and I’m like trapped in my apartment (ok I may be exaggerating a wee bit). Lucky for me I came prepared and bought a box of Rittenhouse Dangerous Divas (which just came out BTW) for a little rainy day box break. It is so gloomy so I’m hoping this brightens my day (too cheesy???).

For the record, I think Dangerous Divas is kind of a lame name. Why not call it Women of Marvel 2? *shrugs*

The Base Cards:

If I am not mistaken, Rittenhouse guarantees a complete set with very box. I am too lazy to sort it our right now but I will eventually. It is not like I am not anything else. Anyways, the design is what to be expected of a non- sports product with the art of course being the focus. What is interesting is the backs of the all the base cards are 9 piece puzzles but honestly I much prefer a little writeup on the characters. But maybe I am the only one. Who knows?

The Inserts:

I got 8 foil parallels, 3 Women of Marvel, 2 Sultry Seductresses and 1 Embrace card. I am not going to lie. Sultry Seductresses are probably the best of the bunch. It is also interesting that the Embrace cards are the rarest inserts. I find them kind of lame and pointless. I mean it is just an embrace. But I did noticed that they are the only cards in the set with a little writeup. Without that, I wouldn’t know Emma Frost and Namor embraced once…

The Hit:

Not a bad sketch of Jean Grey by Alexandre Magno. Honestly I am not the biggest fan of the Jean Grey or the X-men but hey it is better than the batcycle. Oh BTW, my sister think she looks like RuPaul in costume…

Anyways, I was getting a bit bored with sport cards (baseball and basketball) and nothing really grabbed my attention in the card store. Sure I pulled a LeBron James/ Michael Jordan auto recently and I was super psyched but I didn’t really want to try my luck on another box of Upper Deck World of Sports. All in all, it wasn’t a great box but Dangerous Divas is still a nice little change of pace. I have really been digging sketch cards as of late and I am amassing a pretty sweet collection!



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3 responses to “Random Box Break: Rittenhouse Marvel’s Dangerous Divas!

  1. It looks like a nice set, but I agree – “Dangerous Divas” is a cheesy name.

  2. teoh

    how do they keep the ink/colors from running off a sketch card onto other cards?

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