Random Pack Break: 2008 Tristar TNA Impact

In a shop I rarely go to, I saw packs of the first Tristar TNA product for 3 for $10 which really isn’t that cheap but I haven’t seen them for sale too often nowadays, so I bit the bullet and bought 3. I’m really hoping for a Motor City Machine Gun and maybe a few others hit but with just 3 packs out of I think 18 for a box (2 autos, 1 memorabilia and 1 low numbered card per box), I am not too optimistic I’ll get anything good but you never know.

Pack 1:

Pack 2:

Pack 3:

So I kinda struck out. But it is interesting to compare the 2008 TNA product with the 2010 counterpart. Tristar definitely step up their game since their debut as these cards always looked kind of amateurish to me. For example, just look at the cards with a TV as the frame. It just looks cheap. Oh and that card with Traci Brooks lips is still just creepy to me.

BTW, I recently rewatched 2005 TNA Turing Point PPV and it was just amazing. What happened to TNA since? TNA these days is just facepalm moment after another.


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