Dr Who Top Trumps Specials Set

I am super, super excited because the new season of Dr Who is right around the corner!! (April 23rd to be exact.) I think there is no better time to crack open my vault for this. It is the Dr Who Top Trumps Specials set!

I find it weird that there aren’t more Dr Who cards in the market. Sure there are the Panini Doctor Who Alien Armies but you can’t find those cards anywhere. In the states, it seem like the only way to get them is through one particular issue of The Dr Who magazine. There was also an obscure Dr Who trading card game but I heard the game was horrible and the only way to play it is to use fans’ “house rules” or else it was totally unplayable. (I would love to trade from some of those cards though.)

Anyways like the Panini cards, Top Trumps is like the card game War where you compare stats and the highest wins the round. Nothing too ground breaking but I love that there are writeups of each character and the design are pretty sweet. I feel like there should be writeups in all non- sports cards but that becoming far from the norm and it is a shame. One thing that sucks though is the Top Trumps are are a little taller than typical cards so they would be hard to store other than the holder it comes in.

I do have one special Dr Who Top Trumps card. It is The Abzorbaloff and I got it as a promo from the New York Comic Con. Unfortunately it has a different back so you can’t really play with it. Not that I care.

The Top Trumps cards like all the other Dr Who cards are from the UK but they are a bit more available in the US than the other cards. In fact you probably have seen other Top Trumps cards with subject ranging from dogs, to The Simpsons to Harry Potter. I just wish I could put them in a binder because are look awesome.



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2 responses to “Dr Who Top Trumps Specials Set

  1. If it’s a Doctor Who post, you know I have to chime in.

    There’s actually a NEW set of “trading card games” for the 11th Doctor, very similar to Alien Armies and the others before it. And of course, it’s only available in the UK. I have no idea why they don’t import more or even, shudder, release a set that’s more internationally oriented…

    Oh and have you seen the new Lego-like construction blocks and figures? I’ve only seen pics of them on the net, but I can’t wait to see them in person.

    • Interesting. I have to keep an eye out for new Dr Who cards and Legos figures.

      The only store I know of the sells Dr Who stuff in NYC is Forbidden Planet and I haven’t been there in awhile so I think a little trip is in order.

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