Who Doesn’t Love Oddball Cards: 2003 NFL Showdown

NFL Showdown was a Trading Card Game (also known as Collectible Card Game) from Wizard Coast to Coast and yea it was kind of a flop. I actually played the MLB equivalent but to be honest I got bored with it after the first couple of games. It also really doesn’t help that my little brother keeps winning…

Anyways I decided to pick up a bunch from a card machine as trade bait for football team collectors. I figure it is kind of oddball and I can’t imagine too many people buying them when they first came out.

They came in three packs/ lots and in the pack I thought would be a bunch of Jets, it was instead all of the same Curtis Martin card. So if there any Curtis Martin super collectors out there are 40+ Curtis Martin NFL Showdown cards that can be yours!!

Here are some of the other more interesting cards

Yep I pulled another but different Curtis Martin card.

As for the rules, you basically just roll a dice add to the stats and see what the outcome is. You can play cards to influence the die but yea it basically a game of chance. The football cards have bar codes on the side and I think this may be the game where you swipe it on a device and it does all the calculations for you. Again it sounds a lot more interesting than it really is.

So once again all the cards are for trade. They are kind of taking up space so if there are no interest in them (which wouldn’t be surprising) I may add them to a box of cards I am planning to donate.



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9 responses to “Who Doesn’t Love Oddball Cards: 2003 NFL Showdown

  1. lonestarr

    Somewhere Bip Roberts is chuckling quietly to himself, lol. You can add a Curtis or two to my trade pile (along with any Bears), and BA Benny and Drew might want one too, since they both maintain Jets collections.

  2. Joe

    OMG!!! I LOVE Curtis Martin! He has and always will be my favorite NFL player!! I actually have Jerseys from 12 months (Kids) all the way thru to size 56 Authentic (for me). Every year right before the NFL season starts we have a family photo shot with all of our Curtis Martin/Jets Gear on.
    We would LOVE to get some of those cards off your hands!!

    Lemme know…. Joe

  3. No problem! I set aside a couple of Martins for both of your piles!!

  4. Preston Leake

    How much for the gold Curtis Martin and Tory Edwards? Can you list any Patriots you have?

    • I don’t have too many 2003 NFL Showdown cards and the only Patriot I have I believe is the Smith card above. I also might have traded the Tory Edwards card. But I will double check on both accounts.

      You can have the cards for a SASE (Self addressed- self stamped envelop) if you still want it. Shoot me an email at park_dweller at yahoo dot com for my address.

  5. Ben Fialkow

    Hey, if you have any of those Curtis martin training camp NFL showdown cards left…I am interested…

  6. Andrew

    Hi If you have any of the Curtis Martin promos let me know.

  7. Loved this game. We played at a high level. I won the Detroit regional, which was 1 of 8 regionals, with plane tickets to Hawaii for each winner and a guest. The bar code is for a scanner. Really fun game when played properly.

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