Craigslist Idiots: $700 for A 100 Cards Michael Jordan Set???

First off I’m super sorry I stole a page off of Bad Wax’s book but this Craigslist post (who this guy or gal has been spamming the last week or so) has me really scratching my head. (By the way you really have to check out Bad Wax’s Craigslist Idiots posts if you haven’t already. They are hilarious.)

(Click on the pic to expand)

Unless I’m missing something here, there is like no way in hell someone really believes that this Michael Jordan Hall of Fame 100 card set is worth even remotely close to $700, right? Despite his claim that is some sort of super rare lost treasure (which happens to number in the thousands), it just looks like a regular blaster to me. In fact, it probably was for sale in K-Mart, Walmart, Target and the like for $20. For $700, each set better come with a MJ auto at the very least but I’m pretty sure pulling a $1000+ card out of a set like this is close to nil if not impossible. Also it is worth pointing out that I like how he substitutes 100 cards for 100 packs.


Update: Does anyone want to email this guy (or gal)??? It could be epic.


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