Random Pack Break: Dynamic Forces Kick Ass

Kick Ass is one of my favorite comics of all time. (It just sucks I lent the graphic novel to my old boss one day before the company closed up shop which means I haven’t gotten it back and probably won’t ever.) The movie was fun to watch but I can honestly say it isn’t my favorite movie of all time.

Anyways I know my comic book store had these Dynamic Forces Kick Ass cards in stock for quite some time and I always kind of wanted them but didn’t buy a pack until now. It was $3.50 a pack so it is a little steep but I took the plunge and got three packs. Dynamic Forces products are usually loaded with sketch card and autographs so I think I can pull something. *Fingers crossed*

The cards are exactly what you expect from a non-sport product like this. A couple of stills from the movie, a couple of splashpages and a couple of puzzle to round out the set.

Oh I did pull a hit.

It is an autograph of John Barber 125/131. If I’m not mistaken in my Google search, he is the editor of Kick Ass. Not the most exciting autograph in the world if you ask me but I guess it is better than pulling all base cards.

Dynamic Forces cards are quite hard to find. The only store I know that sells it in NYC is Midtown Comics (where I got these) and they are usually overpriced but to be fair the Dynamic Forces webstore has them for $3.99 and Midtown Comics at times has a fair selection of packs in the discount bin. Making it worst, the online stores where I shop (mainly DaCardWorld) don’t have it or I would have gotten a box by now but what can you do, right?


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