Mail Day: Trade Level is Over 9000!!!!

Since I updated my For Trade page, I completed a flurry of trades and added some pretty sweet cards and memorabilia in my collection.

First up is a package from Sam of The Daily Dimwit. The highlight of this trade is definitely this awesome Bud Selig cut auto. I love it because it is something a wee bit different.

Kendall Da Spyder Grove is no where the level of Anderson The Spider Silva but I just love the Ring Kings set. He will be fighting for his job yet again today.

He also helped me out with a ton of Donruss Americana cards I needed to complete the set. I am super, super close now. Just need two cards 128,189 for Donruss Americana II and five cards 1,41,43,56,85 for 2009 Donruss Americana.

Moving right along, I got back two TTM autos from Justin of Justin’s World.

Tadahito Iguchi is going to my PC and Mike Mussina is going to be trade bait for my Yankee friends in NYC. Worst comes to worst I can give it to my aunt who is a huge Mike Mussina fan.

I also traded for this cap signed by Carmelo Anthony from a fellow collector from NYC. It cost me a pretty penny for it but I love it. It looked lonely by itself so I set up a little display with this and my Amare Stoudemire autograph for my room, borrowing my sister’s card holder.

I got a bunch of cards for my PC from Scott who I trade with a bunch of times. I love AG Mini Framed autos and Johan Santana is the first Gypsy Queen card I own. Sad I know. Also I don’t know what this says about me but I can’t figure out the error in David Wright’s Spot the Error card.

Finally I added two Yao Ming cards I needed via a trade with @bleachedquasar who I have also traded with in the past.

I think that is everyone so thanks a bunch again! I have a couple other trade in the works so I’m super, super excited!



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2 responses to “Mail Day: Trade Level is Over 9000!!!!

  1. teoh

    i see the error in the David Wright card. he’s missing the black paint under his eye.
    thanks for the trade too!

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