Quick Predictions: The Ultimate Fighter 13 Finale

It just may be me but between the next two UFC events The Ultimate Fighter 13 Finale and the UFC 131, I am actually more excited for TUF 13 Finale. There is a lot potential for some epic battles.

Ramsey Nijem vs Tony Ferguson
Ramsey Nijem by Submission in the Second
Like so many, I skipped through most of The Ultimate Fighter Season 13. I don’t if it is because the whole premise is stale but it was one of the most boring MMA (and in fact TV in general) shows I watched. The coaches, the fighters, the shenanigans all ZZZzzzz. But I try to catch the fights and Stripper Ramsey and the alcoholic Tony Ferguson were definitely the best of the bunch, Ramsey with his wrestling and Tony Ferguson with his knockouts. Both are coming off very impressive semi- final showings with both fights ending in TKOs. TUF is trying portray Ferguson as the bad guy so sure I’ll go with Ramsey Nijem. Plus it is a lot harder to knock someone out when you are constantly taken to the ground.

Clay Guida vs Anthony Pettis
Anthony Pettis by Judges’ Decision
Anthony Pettis got the short end of the stick with the whole Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard rivalry dragging out. So instead of a title shot he faces a very unpredictable, unorthodox Clay Guida. Anthony Pettis has until recently quietly amass a very impressive 13-1 record but he is now riding a wave of momentum after The Kick. As for Guida, his greatest strengths are his unlimited gas tank and his wrestling but unless my memory is a little hazy, his opponents don’t seem to be on the bottom position too often for too long in his fights. I foresee some crazy totally unorthodox kickboxing match with Pettis getting the better of it. The question is can Pettis get another crazy highlight finish.

Probably the second best auto I pulled from 2010 Leaf MMA

Kyle Kingsbury vs Fabio Maldonado
Kyle Kingsbury by Judges’ Decision
Honestly I don’t know too much about these fighters. Fabio Maldonado’s only UFC win comes against James McSweeney, which really doesn’t say too much. Kingsbury earn his first main card fight after 3 straight wins and the last ended via 21 second knockout. Whoever I pick is a total guess and it is the first time for me to pay attention and see them in action. I got my popcorn ready.

Ed Herman vs Tim Credeur
Ed Herman by Judges’ Decision
Both fighters has been on a shelf for quite some time after struggling with injuries so you have to assume both will come to this bout with some ring rust, making this fight somewhat hard to predict. The only certain thing is this fight would be exciting as both fight have of the Night honors under their belt. Despite only a 4-5 record in the UFC (some of it due to bad luck), I am leaning with Ed Short Fuse Herman because he is veteran of the sport with 30 fights in the career and he seems to keep his composure when things get chaotic. Plus Tim Credeur seemed come up short against tougher opponents, most recently Nate Quarry, Chael Sonnen and toward the beginning of his career Joey Villasenor.

Ed Herman's auto is in the bottom left

If Chris Cope vs Chuck O’Neil makes the main card, I got Chuck Cold Steel O’Neil for that one.


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