Random Box Break: 2010 Just Minors Mystery Balls

Dave and Adam’s Card World was having a little 20th anniversary sale last week and I picked up a box of 2010 Just Minors Mystery Balls which I wanted for quite some time. It is guaranteed an autographed baseball and a card set. It is something a little different and this would in fact be the fifth autographed baseball in my collection. So let’s see…

My card set is 2008 Just Minors Justifiable whose design ain’t too shabby if you ask me.

and my guaranteed autographed ball is Josh Reddick of the Boston Red Sox.

I got a Justin Morneau the last time I got a box of Just Minors Mystery Balls so I guess you can’t win them all. At least Reddick is in the majors as he has a couple of cups of coffee but whether he can make an impact is up for debate. He really hasn’t done much in the MLB but his minor league numbers are solid and he is considered a top prospect for the Red Sox. Some say he is better off if/ when he is traded since the Red Sox has so much depth in the outfield.

So the big question is this baseball worth getting a cube for???



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3 responses to “Random Box Break: 2010 Just Minors Mystery Balls

  1. Hey, it’s Shawn from Dave and Adam’s Card World. We appreciate the box purchase. Hopefully Josh turns into a solid player, he certainly has the potential.

    Email me your address and I’ll get a ball cube sent out to you.


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