Mail Day: Trade with Rhubarb Runner

I want to quickly thank David aka Rhubarb Runner of é rayhahn, rayhahn for this sweet bat card of Mets great Keith Hernandez and a jersey rookie card of Wilson Chandler.

I love Bazooka hits because they are a wee bit different, kind of oddball and in my opinion it is a set Topps should really bring back. As for the card itself, Topps chose an interesting Keith Hernandez quote to say the least and as for Wilson Chandler they is a small chance that the Knicks will sign Chandler back in this offseason. I know there are more pressing needs for the Knicks but I’m a fan so I have my fingers crossed.

Fun Fact: Never tried rhubarb. What does it taste like?
Fun Fact #2: Rhubarb was the “code word” in my psychology class. In the first week, my prof (who was a stand up comedian) would say the word rhubarb and then blows an air horn (which as sports fans would know is really really loud). In the second week, my prof would say rhubarb and sometimes he blows the air horn so by the first month most people would flinch just hearing the word rhubarb whether or not the prof blows the air horn. There was a lesson there somewhere but I can’t remember it.



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3 responses to “Mail Day: Trade with Rhubarb Runner

  1. it’s pretty tart. Most times it’s mixed with a fruit (strawberry-rhubarb pie, or strawberry-rhubarb jelly, for example) or a lot of sugar needs to be added. my personal favorite is rhubarb sauce made with a cinnimon stick in it, or rhubarb crunch


    Thanks for the trade!

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  3. Bazooka had some fun, if goofy, insert cards.

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