Quick Predictions: UFC 131 Dos Santos vs Carwin

I am wondering how many PPV buys UFC 131 will get, especially after a lackluster UFC 130. I heard the tickets sales have been lackluster. There are a bunch of intriguing fights but there aren’t a lot of fighters casual fans would recognize. Sure you got Junior Dos Santos coming coming off TUF 13 (the most boring TUF by far) and you got Kenny Florian but I doubt casual fans would care about anyone else.

Junior Dos Santos vs Shane Carwin
Junior Dos Santos by Submission in the Third
Shane Carwin is good at one thing, using his size and strength to brute his way to an early KO. But whether it is a fluke or not in his loss to Brock Lesnar, after the first round things get a bit dicey for him so until he can prove otherwise, fighters would more than likely tried to get Carwin to punch himself out of the fight and just survive for the first round. Carwin said he changed his camp and diet and he is in the best shape of his life but fighters say that all the time so we’ll see about that. Dos Santos on the other hand is one of those new breed of MMA fighters who really has no weakness. He has a lot of tools in his belt (BJJ, wrestling, clinch game, boxing, etc) and I really think this is Dos Santos’ fight to lose. He just can’t be careless as one shot may can end this fight.

Kenny Florian vs Diego Nunes
Kenny Florian by Judges’ Decision
Florian drops to Featherweight for the first time in this fight. It is crazy that he went from Middleweight to now Featherweight in his time with the UFC. Nunes is somewhat of an unknown but I’m going to cut to the chase as I think this is a warm up fight for Florian and the crazy thing is with a win here Florian would get a title shot against the great Jose Aldo.

Jon Olav Einemo vs Dave Herman

Dave Herman by Knockout in the Second
I heard a lot maybe is more of trickle of hype for these two fighters but I never really got around to see them fight. The UFC Heavyweight division is very, very shallow with Cro Cop, Roy Nelson, Stephen Struve struggling and Brock Lesnar out for the foreseeable future so this is a huge opportunity for the winning fighter. What I like about this fight is Einemo and Herman both finishes their fights. Between them they only have one decision win. I went with Herman in the end because I have his auto and it maybe worth something if he moves up in the division…

Demian Maia vs Mark Munoz
Mark Munoz by Judges’ Decision
This is an interesting matchup of a BJJ whiz known for his submissions and a wrestler known for his vicious ground and pound. Munoz hasn’t been submitted yet and if he is careful (which is always easier said than done) he should be able to dish out some pain as he is the Filipino Wrecking Machine. Plus if between the two, I think Munoz standup is better if it should go that route.

Donald Cerrone vs Vagner Rocha

Donald Cerrone by Judges’ Decision
Honestly the name Vagner Rocha does not ring a bell and Donald Cowboy Cerrone is on a roll with big wins against Jaime Varner, Chris Horodecki and Paul Kelly. I took a look at Rocha’s record as it seems that his biggest win was against Igor Gracie just because of his last name. I can’t imagine how Cerrone is not the favorite in this fight.

For the prelims, I got Sam Stout, Chris Weidman, The Polish Experiment (no way I’m spelling that name), Nick Ring, Dustin Poirier, Joey Beltran and Michihiro Omigawa.


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