My All Auto NBA First Team: 2011 Edition

I have done this a couple of times on my blog but with the end of the NBA season let’s see, with only autographs from my collection, the best NBA team I can come up with now. I think my team has upgraded nicely since the last rendition, if I don’t say so myself.

Dwight Howard


This is a no brainer. Dwight Howard is currently by far the most dominant center. It is just too bad that the Magic lack the supporting cast to make a real run at the title but Howard would look great in a Knicks uniform…

Power Forward:

Amare Stoudemire

Sure Amare faded a bit down the stretch but he is the cornerstone of the Knicks team with his athleticism and explosive scoring. Kind of a tangent but it really, really sucks that Donnie Walsh will no longer be with the Knicks and that Isiah Thomas is lurking somewhere behind the corner. I hope James Dolan doesn’t mess this team up but I have learned to expect the worst with the Knicks (and I guess the Mets).

Small Forward:
LeBron James

OK LeBron James didn’t play well in the finals this year but he is still arguably the best player all around playing in NBA right now. But it did kind of the settle the whole Michael Jordan vs LeBron James debate for now.

Shooting Guard:
Dwyane Wade

Despite forming the Big 3 with Chris Bosh and LeBron James, the Heat will always be Wade’s team. He is the real leader and alpha male and when healthy, Wade has the ability and veteran savviness to take over the game by himself so he is definitely in my team. The Heat lost this year (oh yeah!!!) but honestly they will be a top tier team for quite some time.

Point Guard:
Jason Kidd

It is funny that over his career Kidd was at times was overrated and at times he was underrated. But the one sure thing is he is a great veteran to lead a playoff team and he had a great run with the Mavericks this year. Congrats to all the Mavs for being the new NBA champs. The question now is does Jason Kidd have anything left.

After a thrilling season, fingers crossed for no lockouts next year but I have feeling it is going to get real ugly before things get better.

Finally I want to thank Dave and Adam’s Card World for sending me a baseball cube for the Josh Reddick signed baseball I pulled awhile back. You guys are awesome and Dave and Adam’s is definitely my go to place for buying cards, memorabilia, supplies, etc online!



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2 responses to “My All Auto NBA First Team: 2011 Edition

  1. bleachedquasar

    that is a great collection of autos you got there!

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