Random Pack Break: Topps UFC Title Shot

I haven’t picked up a hobby box of Topps UFC Title Shot (which came out a couple of weeks ago) yet but I did picked up a rack pack during my lunch break though.

Right of the bat this is a very heavy Jonathan Brookins (the winner of The Ultimate Fighter 12) pack as I pulled both his base card and his bronze parallel numbered 10/88. Other than TUF 12, Jonathan Brookins is probably best known for surviving two rounds with the great Jose Aldo.

Here is the rest of the pack.

Topps must really really like their Topps Million Card Giveaway/ Topps Town?? idea as they are milking that idea for all it is worth. But the UFC Unlocked page on Facebook is down for awhile now and all I see in jumbled code. Am I the only one?

All in all these aren’t the most original card designs in the world as it looks just like the Upper Deck base set design an couple years ago but I like simple, clean designs with the emphasis of the photography so I guess that is a plus. The insert I did pull isn’t anything to go crazy for and it also feels like something recycled.

It is only one pack but I can tell Title Shot isn’t the most exciting MMA product out. In fact from what I read in blog posts and forums the cards that seems to be drawing the most attention are not the autographs or game used card but the manufactured flag patches you get with blasters. I think the problem is Topps is beginning to cross the line of producing too many MMA products in short period time which is unnecessary since the roster doesn’t change too much like in baseball or basketball.


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