Pics From the Coney Island TNA House Show

I had a great time in the TNA House Show in the Brooklyn Cyclones stadium last year and I figure it would be a nice way to start the July 4th weekend this year. I had great seats (just 8 rows from the ring) and it didn’t disappoint overall. It was kind of bummer though that Ric Flair didn’t show up at any time in the show despite ads promoting him to being there. I heard rumors that he didn’t want to go out and left early. Anyways here are a couple of pics from the event.

Of all the matches, I actually thought the Amazing Red, Eric Young and Orlando Jordan vs The British Invasion and Robbie E tag match was the most entertaining.

The Devon vs Bully Ray street fight is probably my second favorite fight. I just kind of wish they took the fight to the right field stands instead of the left field stands.



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2 responses to “Pics From the Coney Island TNA House Show

  1. Paul

    can I send you some pics I took and post them here? I’ve got some nice quality pics taken with my SLR camera. Thanks.

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