4th of July Pack Break: Upper Deck Captain America The First Avenger Movie Trading Cards

Happy 4th of July everyone! What better way to celebrate Independence Day than busting open some packs and Upper Deck’s Marvel Captain America Movie cards are perfect. I didn’t really feel like buying a box so I pick up the last 6 hobby packs in the store in hopes to snipe the hit of the box. According to the back of the packs, autographs cards, memorabilia cards, sketch cards, insignia patch cards and printing plates combine to 1:8 odds. *Fingers crossed*

I am going to cut the chase. I didn’t pull any hits but here is what I did pull…

Bunch of base cards with screenshots of the movie

6 Captain America Classic Comic Covers Inserts

I’m not sure what these inserts are. They numbered P-3, P-7 and P-8 so they might be Captain America Movie Poster Cards.

Comic book trading cards usually follow the same formula so they isn’t really too much to add. One thing I do notice is that the cards have little tidbits and writeups on the back of the cards unlike say Rittenhouse. For the record, my favorite card by far is the comic cover of Captain American socking Adolf Hitler which came out way back in March 1941. That cover is a classic. So the big question I want to throw out is should I pick up a box.

Oh and is this movie worth a watch at $13.50+ (yea movie theaters cost that much in NYC) when it comes out?


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