OH YEAH!!! 100 Baseball Cards Jumbo Repack Black!!!

I haven’t opened any baseball packs in like forever so I picked up a little something, something from Rite Aid (who has a fine selection of between 4-5 different types of packs).

There are a couple of breaks of these 100 baseball cards jumbo repacks scattered in our blogosphere and I mine as well get in the action. You can’t really have too high expectation for these types of packs but it tells you to look out for vintage cards and memorabilia cards.

Here is the breakdown of my pack:
1 – 60’s card
7 – 70’s cards
52 – 80’s cads
29 – 90’s cards
14 – 00’s cards
which makes a total of 103 cards.

Here are my top 10 cards in the pack:

#1 – Doug Rader 1968 Topps

The oldest card of the bunch. You don’t really appreciate how much the quality of cards has improved until you have a bunch of cards spanning from the 60’s to the present in hand.

#2 – Mark Prior 2002 Fleer Tradition Prospect

Not a bad rookie card. Prior at one time was one of the best pitchers in the majors and back in the day the card was probably worth a pretty penny but sadly injuries pretty much ended his career. I am not even sure if he is still playing.

#3 – Jamie Moyer 1987 Donruss

Another decent rookie card. Jamie Moyer is the ageless wonder but I believe he too is without a team at the moment.

#4 – Beau Kemp/ Michael Nakamura / DJ Carrasco 2004 Fleer Tradition Trio Prospect

A card for my PC and plus DJ Carrasco is a Met now.

#5 – Cal Ripken Jr 1987 Donruss Diamond King

I have a couple of these cards already but it is still a classic. In my opinion Donruss’ Diamond Kings are among the few baseball cards in the 80’s worth collecting. In fact, I have a whole binder of them.

#6 – Mel Hall Sportflics

Sportflics are another bunch of ’80s cards that stand out.

#7 – Bill Melton 1976 Topps Update

Had to look up Bill Melton but this is definitely the best of the 70’s cards in my pack.

#8 – Mike Stanton 1992 Upper Deck

Upper Deck always had great photography.

#9 – Jim Abbott 1989 Topps

This isn’t the most valuable card in the world (and I have like a million of them) but how many pitchers have thrown a no hitter and how many of them are have only one hand. A truly inspirational story.

#10 – Jerry Johnson 1976 Topps

Tied for the second oldest card in the pack. It was way before by time but I am growing to like the 1976 Topps design.

Busting this pack is giving me Topps Million Card Giveaway flashbacks…



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3 responses to “OH YEAH!!! 100 Baseball Cards Jumbo Repack Black!!!

  1. Reivax

    Wow, I’m jealous – you got multiple 70’s or earlier from one of those? I’ve bought 2 of these black, $4.99 packs before, and there was a single ’77 Topps in one (can’t remember who) and a single ’76 Topps Joe Lahoud in the other, so I didn’t buy anymore. I either had bad luck, or you had great luck. Maybe I’ll try another one!

    • Really maybe the bloggers are only blogging their better packs but from the repacks I seen open they average 7-8 70’s cards and usually 1 60’s card like mines.

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