Random Blaster Break: Tristar TNA Xtreme

If I’m not mistaken, Tristar TNA Xtreme came out awhile ago but this is my first blaster. I just can never resist blasters with guaranteed autos.

The Base Cards:

The cards are solid with top notch action shots and decent designs but my only gripe is that not much as change from set to set. The odds remained the same, the price point remained the same and the card design are pretty much the same set after set.

Still there are small subtle differences between the designs and it is for the better. Compare the New Era design with the Xtreme design.

Anyways the main attraction for Tristar TNA sets are always the autos so with that in mind I pulled

a Christy Hemme autograph which is kind of lame and I think that makes it the third one I pulled. Oh wells. You can’t win them all I guess.

Like the base cards, little has changed in the auto’s design but again there are small tweaks if you look carefully that do make them better overall. Thinking about the Xtreme designs are just inverted New Era designs with barbed wire and more glitter for the autos…

All in all Tristar has found a tried and true model and there is little to fault them on their TNA sets. But is it too much of me to expect Tristar to mix thing up a bit, maybe innovate a bit?


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