The Quest for an Ultimate Panel Focus Card: Upper Deck Marvel Beginnings Pack Break

So I was in my local hobby store the other day and nothing and I mean nothing excited me. 2011 Goodwin Champions, maybe but they only had boxes for sale and I am not quite sold on it. Plus Allen and Ginter wasn’t out just yet so in the end, I went with a couple of packs of Upper Deck Marvel Beginnings which I kind of wanted since it came out, hoping to pull one of those super rare comic panels cards…

The base cards:

The inserts:

I have busted a ton of non- sports cards and honestly base cards don’t mean too much to me anymore unless I really want to collect the set. But Upper Deck did a good job with the inserts in this product though. Ok comic book covers inserts are almost a given in every comic set but I am a sucker for die cut and the ones in Maverl Beginnings really draws your attention when you open the pack. The foil inserts (which actually may be the prime micromotion cards whatever that mean) also really pop. The scans don’t do them justice as they look much better in hand.

Oh and I did pull a comic book panel card aka Ultimate Panel Focus card!!!! Like O…M…G… If I’m not mistaken, there are like 550 of them in existence and they are definitely the biggest chase of the set. Unbelievable.

I read the synopsis of the comic and the panel above is the one just before Spiderman beats the first Spider Slayer robot. It is serialed 10/45 but I am guessing that mean that are 45 panels taken from a single issue in this case Spider- Man Vol 1 #25 which makes this practically 1 of 1. There aren’t many listed on eBay currently but they all seem priced way above $100 for what’s that worth. Opinions about them seem mixed but I think it is a neat idea and for me at least it was the primary reason I bought a couple of packs. It is something a little different and it is nice to see Upper Deck taking risks and trying to be innovative. It is much better than manufactured patch which are all the rage now for both sports and non- sports products.

Thinking ahead, Upper Deck just needs to keep them rare. It is probably way too tempting for them to buy a ton of comics and just cut whatever panels they can find but we know how over saturating the market totally diminishes the value of the card (kind of like what happened to jersey cards). The one thing they may need to change is what they call them as Ultimate Panel Focus just doesn’t do them justice.

Anyways I think it is safe to say this is one of the better offerings from Upper Deck since they lost their baseball and basketball licenses. Man of all the card companies out there I easily have the best luck with Upper Deck. No complaints from me.



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2 responses to “The Quest for an Ultimate Panel Focus Card: Upper Deck Marvel Beginnings Pack Break

  1. bleachedquasar

    i have to agree the artwork on the base cards is pretty sweet. how many packs did you buy before you pulled the Panel card?

    and i agree about jersey cards oversaturating the market. it really diminishes the value of a box break. it’s ridiculous how cheap they sell for on ebay.

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