So Who Wants Free Baseball/ Basketball Cards??

It is that time again where I have to clean my room and I have way too many cards lying around. So for a limited time, if you send me a SASE (Self addressed self stamped envelop), I will shoot you a bunch of baseball and/ or basketball cards, as much as I can fit in your package. You can’t be that! I don’t have enough time to organize them all so I can’t really promise you any specific team and/ or player but I’ll try to add some cool cards with the package.

If you are interested, send me an email at park_dweller at yahoo dot com.



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5 responses to “So Who Wants Free Baseball/ Basketball Cards??

  1. What year will the cards be?

    • I admit I have a ton on 80’s and 90’s card to get rid of but I have a bunch of 2000’s and up cards too and if you want I have have a mix of about 50/50. Just write me a note to remind me.

  2. damon

    Hi. I don’t know if you check this page still or even are trying to still get rid of some cards. If you are still trying to get rid of them I’m definitely interested in the basketball cards. Let me know!! Thanks

  3. Nathan

    Do you have Blake griffin

  4. Michael


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