My First Packs of 2011 Topps Allen & Ginter!

In what has become an annual tradition, it is finally time for my first pack break of 2011 Topps Allen and Ginter! I am a huge fan year after year so I have very high expectations. I am going to start off with 4 hobby packs since I just bought a box of Topps UFC Title Shot. Anyways…

The base cards & inserts:

The oddball cards:

My hit:

In my opinion, what makes or breaks Allen and Ginter are the variety and the oddball checklist. Just from the packs I broke, I got comic book legend Stan Lee, a couple of a chefs, a couple of scientists, the human blockhead, a baseball player dress in I have no idea what and a haunted house to boot. It is something Topps does very well and it is something often copied but never duplicated (eg UD Goodwin Champs, the Tristar throwback set whose name escapes me, Sports Kings etc).

The major change in the base card’s design this year is the bar in the bottom and it was bugging me at first (especially the ones with the A&G logo) but it is slowly beginning to grow on me. I totally understand that you can’t just change the background color and call it a fresh new design. Speaking of which, doesn’t it feel like the only thing that changes between the A & G hits year and year is the color of the border? Still I love the frame mini card hits. They have a lot more appeal compare the other relic cards in other products (at least to me). I also love that bat cards are more common in A & G as is on card autographs. Oh I am really psyche that I pulled basically the best player in baseball’s bat card in my first four packs.

Overall, Allen & Ginter is a fun break and it is one of the few product out there that would appeal to basically all the types of collectors. It gets two thumbs up from me.



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3 responses to “My First Packs of 2011 Topps Allen & Ginter!

  1. Bleachedquasar

    I almost thought you got an Isaac newton GU from the design of the card! Is the Pujols GU a bat, jersey or ball?

  2. lonestarr

    Man, lots of good stuff there. My two retail packs were the most A&G boring packs ever. Only even mildly interesting cards I got were the DWTS chick and a regular mini of Dempster, so it’s cool to see some of the stuff I’ll be collecting when there’s money to be had again.

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