Who Doesn’t Love Oddball Cards: Scratch and Slay Battlecards!

Battlecards is one of the Collectible Card Games (CCGs) lost in the sands of time. The name was kind of lame but the cards were interesting to say the least.

They came out in 1993 which is about when Dungeons and Dragons was popular (I think) and just as the Collectible Card Games (now known as Trading Card Games or TCG) boom was just developing. What is interesting about them is instead of dice like most fantasy games of the era, it used a Scratch and Slay mechanic where you scratch off a circle to determine the outcome (kind of like a scratch off lottery ticket). Here are the rules in the back of the packs and some of the cards I pulled.

Also another interesting mechanic in the game is the Trading Posts cards. You scratch off one of the circles to see what treasure you can buy (probably rare/ promos cards) and how many gold it would cost. You get gold by defeating your opponents’ characters and I guess sending them in. I think it is a very ingenious aspect to the game but I can see why it may not have taken off. No one wants to lose their cards, right?

As for the art, it is in the styling of Dungeons and Dragons books and Magic cards and I am a fan. I also think that the background and stories of the characters on each card is a nice touch.

All in all I think Battlecards was way before its time. I think it would have work better with some sort online element instead of the send cards in to get the treasure which would have been a hassle for both the players and the company. I guess this can be an example of being too innovative.


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  1. lonestarr

    Haha, cool. I have two or three packs worth of these around here somewhere from a huge 50 pack clamshell of “entertainment” cards from the ’90s that I picked up on eBay MANY moons ago. Honestly, they probably the coolest thing in it besides the superhero cards. Well, the soap opera cards (All My Children, iirc) had a certain charm to them as well, but yeah. I like the art on ’em too. Fun stuff.

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