Concert Scrapbook: July 2011 – Asobi Seksu & 4Knots + August’s Music Playlist

July is like the biggest month for summer concerts in NYC (most of them free!!!) but it just so happens to be also one of my busiest months which sucks big time but here are a bunch of concerts I did go to.

Asobi Seksu and The Radio Dept – 7/15/2011, Seaport Music Shows
Fav Songs: I’m Happy but You Don’t Like Me
I have always said Asobi Seksu is a vastly underrated band and one I wanted to see live for quite some time. I know I am a bit selfish but I was kind of happy they started a bit late. (So many errands…) Anyways they were opening of the band for The Radio Dept who I actually haven’t heard of until this concert and I found them kind of boring. My brother has a three song test for free concerts. If the songs don’t pick up after 3 songs it is time to book it.

4Knots Music Festival – 7/16/2011
Fav Songs: A More Perfect Union & Titus Andronicus Forever
So basically South Street Seaport had back to back days of awesome free music. 4Knots replaced the Siren Festival which was easily one the music festivals I look most forward to year after year. It is great that the festival is now a lot closer to where I live but South Street Seaport only has one stage and the lineup is kind of weak. There were a bunch of intriguing bands but the only band I cared for and stuck around for was Titus Andronicus and they killed it.

The one concert I regret missing is The Feelies. Now that is a vastly, vastly underrated band. They were so influential to so many indie band and most people never heard of them. Anyways, onwards with my August mix.

(Hard Link)

A More Perfect Union – Titus Andronicus
Titus Andronicus Forever – Titus Andronicus
I’m Happy but you Don’t Like Me – Asobi Seksu
Higher Ground – The Feelies
Block After Block – Matt and Kim (My ringtone!)
Girlfriend in a Coma – The Smiths
I Melt With You – Modern English
Space Age Love Song – Flock of Seagulls (I actually like this song more than their hit I Ran)
Picture Book – The Kinks


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