Mail Day: Trade with Coot Veal and the Vealtones

I just traded with Dustin of Coot Veals and the Vealtones and wow! It started with this card.

The Shane Komine auto may not be the biggest name in baseball (he is no longer in the majors) but he was the first Asian pitcher and catcher combo in the MLB with Kurt Suzuki so it is a great card for my PC.

The trade was for two jersey cards for the Komine auto and whatever Asian cards he had lying around which I thought would be one or two cards (which would have been totally fine) but Dustin really surprised me and sent over A TON of cards, many I needed for my PC. Here is a bunch of them.

The Kazuo Uzuki is an interesting card to say the least and it is one gimmick that kind of a fail for Topps but I admit it is a card I wanted for some time. Yea I am sucker for gimmicks. I also want to point out that I love the East Meets West subset. I have the original Masanori Murakami card and I completed the East Meets West set is one my collecting goals I had for quite some time.

Thanks SOOO much again and I dropped off your cards just now.


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