Pics from the Brooklyn Cyclones Game

Last Wednesday was such a beautiful day so on a whim I decided to take a trek to Coney Island (which was hellish ’cause of a stalled train) and checked out a Brooklyn Cyclones game. I had a bleacher general admission ticket but I never really got to my seat because I was watching the game from all over the stadium. My favorite spot by far is right above the Cyclones bullpen. There are a number of interesting personalities there.

Number 25 who according to the site is Todd Weldon is quite the business man setting up an auction for Danny Muno’s game used cleats and two quarter toss contests (one for a ball and one for a beer). Weldon had a good system going on, getting the kid to gather the quarters and by the end of the night he had a whole cup full of them (and believe me this wasn’t a small cup). I saw a couple of fans who were so close to the cup but no one actually got it in when I was hanging out around there.

I love how one of the bullpen guys is taking a nap right there.

Win or lose the Cyclones games are always a good time.



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3 responses to “Pics from the Brooklyn Cyclones Game

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  2. Paulie3jobs

    Going tomorrow night, FREE Jerseys (supposedly). Hope the drive from north jersey isn’t too bad.

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