My Pulls from TNA Wrestling’s CrAzIeSt Autograph Deal Ever

So the ShopTNA site has autograph deals from time to time and this one was just too hard to resist. For the price of low end hobby box $39.99, you get 12 random TNA/ Impact Wrestling autographs signed photos. That is like less than $3.50 per auto! You really can’t go wrong here and I guess it pays to check out their site from time to time.

My pulls:

Mr. TNA AJ Styles! After a strong year back in 2010 (#1 in the PWI 500 list), I’m not sure if TNA knows exactly what to do with him. There are hinted a Daniels/ AJ Styles for the millionth time.

Another TNA original Samoa Joe. He was a monster back in the day and but now he is jobber. I hope his losing streak is setting up for some kind of push.

I am not a fan of Jeff Jarrett but he is the founder of TNA. He needs to use his guitar shots more often.

TNA has really messed up Mr. Anderson’s storyline the last few months. He keeps getting short title reigns and always seems to be in the process of doing whatever it takes to get it back, teasing heel and face turns. That is fine the first time around but when it keeps happening you got think of something else. Losing to Bully Ray does not help.

Abyss was cool back when he was a unstoppable monster but he is portrayed as really weak the last couple of weeks and it has been Zzzzzz.

Velvet Sky is perhaps the face of the Knockouts division. Her promos suck though.

I am actually a fan of Sarita and Rosita. In my opinion Mexican America, which is just a lame LAX rehash, is keeping them back.

Crimson, Gunner and Brian Kendrick have been getting huge pushes lately but I find all time kind of vanilla.

And my favorite pull in the package…

BEER! MONEY! One of the best tag teams in TNA history. I would have bet money that they would lose their belts to Mexican American in Hardcore Justice to concentrate on their single pushes but for some reason TNA rather book them to retain the belts. Now tell me who are they going to feud with…

Anyways, I think I did pretty good in my pulls. I am going through my collection and I actually have a ton of TNA autos. I am definitely going to keep the Beer Money dual auto and the Sarita auto so the rest are for trade.



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2 responses to “My Pulls from TNA Wrestling’s CrAzIeSt Autograph Deal Ever

  1. lonestarr

    Awesome! Sarita and Rosita are great! The lovely duo being in the LAX rehash amuses me because Sarita is Canadian.

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