Random Pack Break: Skybox Pre-Rookie ’92

I wanted to open something a little different and came up with this.

It is Skybox Pre-Rookie ’92 and they are dirt cheap if you can find them. I actually never knew of their existence until I saw these pack in the card machine but hey you never know, you might pull a minor league/ pre- rookie card of a decent player.

Hmm a lot of players I never heard of and a stadium card??? Does anyone collect those? Here are the three players I do recognize. The Jim Edmonds is actually not a bad card.

In my opinion, Skybox did a better job at minor league cards than the companies doing them today (Razor, Tristar, Just Minors, etc). From the 30 cards I pulled, Skybox has much better photography, maybe even Upper Deck level, even though they are all posed shots instead of action shots. Probably due to licensing, Razor, Tristar, Just Minors etc always (ok maybe usually) choose the weirdest pictures and the lack of logos in some of the sets don’t help. I imagine these Skybox cards were awesome to get signed. Too bad companies making minor league cards don’t seem to have a long lifespan.


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